Monday, August 12, 2013

The Martha Stewart Side Of Me: {Monogram letter frame}

Para español visiten Fiebre de Scrapbook, escribí ahí el tutorial para este proyecto.

Hi! Let me show you this super easy to make Monogram Letter Frames I made a few days ago.Monogram Letter Frames 1Monogram Letter FramesI love how they turned out, and the best part is that they were super easy and quick to make. I’ll show you step by step how I made them, but first let me give you the list of supplies:

  • a frame (mine are 5x7 and got them at Hobby Lobby when they had their 50% off sale)
  • scrapbook paper
  • fabric or ribbon that matches your paper 
  • baker twine or other kind of colorful twine 
  • paper or fabric rosette
  • embellishments
  • a letter, this could be made of chipboard, wood, cork, or paper
  • ruler, glue, scissors, hot glue gun, etc.

I started by cutting out of white cardstock the same size of the picture that would go in the frame, this is going to be our base. Monogram Letter Frames 12 

Then I moved my letter around in different spots inside the frame to visualize how it would look, I decided to use the frame horizontally and move my letter to the right.Monogram Letter Frames 11

The papers I used are all light blue and complement each other. I divided the background into three sections and made each section smaller as they are getting closer to the bottom of the page.Monogram Letter Frames 10

After I glued my paper, I tried different embellishments and I decided to use tags and doilies. You can move the embellishments around to see where they look the best.Monogram Letter Frames 9

I decorated the tags with washi tape, I added a banner and finally I was ready to glue my letter with hot silicone. Did you notice I cut the first tag a little bit so it wouldn’t show behind the “H”?Monogram Letter Frames 8 

After the letter is glued down, you just take the glass out of the frame and put your project there instead. Now we can focus on decorating the frame, I cut a strip of burlap, but you can use any fabric or ribbon that goes well with your paper, and I added twine to accent.Monogram Letter Frames 7 Monogram Letter Frames 6

To finish it all, in the corner and over the fabric you glue your rosette. Monogram Letter Frames 5

That’s it! Monogram Letter Frames 2 Monogram Letter Frames 4Monogram Letter Frames 3 

Did you see how fast and easy that was?! I hope you make one and if you do I would love to see yours! 


  1. me encanto muy lindo gracias por compartir el tutorial

  2. <Muchas gracias poe el tuto¡¡ queda muuuy bonito¡¡¡ ^.^