Thursday, September 8, 2011


I don’t like and don’t use the term “best friend”. I think it’s absolutist and unfair; you’re are my friend, but I don’t like you enough to up grade you to my “best friend” status. I always thought it was silly to make those differences. I do say that there are many different kinds of friendships. I have silly friends that I love to be silly with and laugh until we pee cry. I have relaxed friends that don’t put strains in our relationship; we don’t talk or see each other often but when we do there is no blame attached and we can resume like we never stopped seeing each other. I have confidant friends, that know how to listen and give me advice. I have spiritual friends, that challenge me to be a better person. I have Mormon friends and atheist ones. I have my sisters, who are my longest friends. I have my “you’re just like me” friends and some that are so completely opposite that you wonder what brought us together. Everyone is important and loved.
I have been so lucky to befriend some amazing women throughout my short life. I admire and appreciate them for different reasons. I miss the physical interaction with them, but I’m amazed how loved and supported they make me feel thousands of miles away from me. I thank technology for that! I forgot to bring my camera to some get togethers, next time I’ll have to introduce you to some more best great friends!!
Nunca me ha gustado usar el termino “mejor amiga”. Pienso que es absolutista e injusto; eres mi amiga pero no me caes tan bien como para que estes en el nivel de “mejores amigas”. Siempre pense que era un poco ridiculo hacer esas diferencias. Si digo que hay diferentes tipos de amigas. Tengo amigas chistosas que me encanta reirnos y hacer tonteras hasta que tenemos que reirnos con las piernas cruzadas. Tengo amigas relajadas que no ponen condiciones en nuestra amistad; no podemos hablar o vernos seguido pero cuando lo hacemos no hay culpa y podemos retomar nuestra amistad como si nos hubiesemos visto cada dia. Tengo amigas confidentes, que sabes escuchar y aconsejarme. Tengo amigas espirituales que me desafian a ser una mejor persona. Tengo amigas mormonas y amigas ateas. Tengo mis hermanas, mis amigas mas antiguas. Tengo amigas que son “como yo” y tengo otras tan diferentes a mi que te preguntarias que nos convirtio en amigas. Todas son de igual importancia y queridas por mi.
Siempre he sido muy suertuda, que ha pesar de mi corta edad, he tenido el privilegio de conocer y amistar mujeres increibles. Admiro y aprecio cada una de ellas por diferentes caracteristicas y motivos. Extraño la interaccion cara a cara, pero siempre me asombro como me hacen sentir querida y apollada a miles de kilometros de distancia. Se me olvido llevar la carama a todos los reencuentros. La proxima vez tendre que presentarles mas de mis mejores grandes amigas!!
My high school girlfriends, minus Alicia who lives in Spain and we can never seem to visit Chile at the same time!
Claudia, Mariana, Cathy and Maria.
Chile Julio 2011 005
Toasting to another 13 yrs of friendship!
Chile Julio 2011 007
My super fun and stylish friend Johana!! A.K.A Cornflakes girl and Johelia de los Condores Andinos y Andacollo. Chile 2011 503
Denisse. So many great memories. She’s my 5th sister, also friend of my sisters and loved by my parents.
Pamela, she is so funny with a hint of wackiness!! What you see is what you get.
Chile Julio 2011 070


  1. Well said...I love my friends. If I had to say best friend I would have to include them all because in some way or another they are all best! Love ya lots

  2. I was about to update my blog and realized you had posted something new :) I would to agree with you...I have all of those in my list too...especially the ones that are SO NOT like me but again...there's something beyond than me not being like them and them not being like me, that bring us together. Gotta love it! :) seeing your pictures reminded me that we haven't seen each other in SOOOO LONG and made me sad...I hope I can see you soon and maybe take a picture to that i think about it i think i can do some magic in Photoshop :P besitos y abrazos a la distancia.

  3. Querida GRANDE amiga!! lo mejor de todo, es que tengo la esperanza de que pase lo que pase, SIEMPRE podremos ser amigas, incluso despues de la muerte! te imaginas eso? ahi vestidas de blanco chachareando?? será genial!!! Te quiero muchisimo!! <3