Thursday, June 30, 2011

DIY: {The Bathroom Is Done!}

BEFORE: Dated, dingy looking, leaking faucets, ugly shower door.
Bathroom Before

DURING: Adding another electrical plug, there was only one and we had to take turns to plug the flat iron, razor, etc. Doing the electrical work for two sets of lights, before there was just one vanity light in between the sinks. Nothing wrong with that but I wanted to have separated spaces for each sink. Taking down the shower door and the tile all around. Also the vanity top, sinks and installing a Bidet.

Bathroom During

AFTER: A contemporary bathroom. I’m so happy how everything turned out. We kept the vanity, we painted it white and bought new handles. Had a new top and demi-vessel installed. We cut the existing mirror in half and Randy made two new frames. The color pallet is Chimney Smoke from Valspar for the walls, Bistro White also from Valspar for the vanity, doors, window, mirror frames and baseboard, Pure White for shower curtain, rugs, roman shade and shelves, Brushed Nickel for faucets, handles and all other metal accessories. I love the 6 inch backsplash I think it brings together the wall color and vanity top so well.

bathroom finished 002B

bathroom finished 005A

My friend asked me why we have portrait pictures in our bathroom, she thinks is weird. I like to think that a bathroom deserves the same attention as the rest of my home. Why not to have a couple of pics there? I wanted my bathroom to feel comfortable and personal. She told me:-“ I for sure will turn the pictures around before using the bathroom, I don’t want you guys staring at me!” She’s so funny. The other weird thing we have is the Bidet. My husband spent two years in Argentina and he fell in love with them, he also installed one in our previous house. It’s for sure a conversation starter!!

bathroom finished 011

bathroom finished 013

Bathroom After


  1. que hermos te quedo tu baño me encanto la combinacion de colores!!! lindo!!

  2. les quedo bkn! se pararon para ser talentosos!

  3. WONDERFUL!!! Love it! Very very pretty!!! LOVE THE BACKSPLASH!!!!! It is amazing what six inches of tile can do! Hugs

  4. i don't think your pictures are weird at all! i am in love with your bathroom. that's funny randy likes bidets...they are so odd but i guess i wouldn't mind having one:)
    love ya cousin!

  5. this is soooooooooo cute! esta muy lindo se las mando el Randy!!

  6. chaaa gaalla se pasaron pa topsss!! el baño es super requete demasiado cute!! yo quero!! yo queroo!!!

  7. Gorgeous! Love that backsplash and overall color scheme!