Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Martha Stewart Side Of Me: {We Really Needed New Shoes}

A girl can’t have enough shoes, right? Well, witches are no exception. Especially for Halloween, they need to be brand new. That’s why I had some ladies over and made ourselves some witch shoes. We got the idea, inspiration and tutorial from Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous.
For this project I had to learn to use the band saw, I’m so happy I did. Now I have all these ideas of things I can do. I cut all the shoes for the ladies that participated and Randy perfected them with the router. Big thanks to my hubby, he’s always so supportive and helpful.
The shoes turned out super cute, everybody was happy with them. Craft night was a success!
The witches ladies at work!
craft 001
Los zapatos son el mejor amigo de la mujer, verdad? Nunca se pueden tener suficiente zapatos. Las brujas no son excepcion. Especialmente para Halloween, tienen que ser nuevitos de paquete. Por esa razon el grupo de brujas se junto en mi casa a confeccionar zapatos. Randy me enseño a usar sus maquinas de carpinteria y corte en madera todos los zapatos y despues el los perfeciono. Estoy super feliz que aprendi a usar esa maquina, ahora puedo hacer un monton de projectos.
La idea la sacamos de este blog: Craftaholics Anonymous. Ella siempre tiene projectos entretenidos que vale la pena copiar. La tarde de manualidades fue todo un exito!


  1. Yes, got mine finished. Remind me to get you the .70 cents I still owe you! lol

  2. ADORABLE!! Did you see the witch and the three black cats Jeff made one year at the farm house??? Do you remember? It was sooooo great. They were life size. The witch was holding a lantern and a cool. It was a pattern from Martha Stewart!!
    Jeff will LOVE the witches shoes!
    We sure are gonna miss you guys! We leave in less than 10 days...
    Cherie and Jeff

  3. Sooo cute! Wish I could have been there! Darn Kentucky! I miss my k'zion friends sooo much!