Sunday, July 18, 2010

Decor: {I Love These Little Testers!}

Let’s talk about paint color. If you are like me, you go to the store with an idea of the color that you want, you go there and you are welcomed by this:

Hundreds of pretty, shiny color samples. You try to focus on the color that’s in your mind, start pulling cards and see if it would work well with the color scheme of the room. But if you are like me, you get distracted.
Distracted by all those pretty cards, you start pulling colors like crazy and thinking: “I never thought about lime green, yellow rubber duck sure looks energizing, but what about that colonial red? Oh! it would look great after I get new curtains, couch and replace the carpet". When you get home and open that can of paint you start realizing that your color decision making sucks! The adrenaline and color stimulation of the moment got the best of you. If you are like me, some how you try to convince yourself that once on the wall and dry, it would look perfect. Wrong!
That’s way I love the little jar testers. My house has been color saved!glidden-paint-testers p_100442623
So, I had this color in my mind for the living room. I went and got the little tester and guess what? That wasn’t the exact color that I wanted, so I went back and got more samples and finally at the fourth try I found it! I wanted a green with a hint of gray (or Sage some people like to call it) It’s the one on the far right.
otras 074
I wasn’t joking about my color disaster experiences. This is the bedroom in our old house.
Yellow and blue, what was I thinking?! . . . . . . . . . . . Repainted, much better!
dormitorio terminado 006 dormitorio final 003


  1. i know i like them too!! i have made the same mistakes, but in my oarents house lol!! i love your old bedroom!!

  2. Love the color! I love sage green...I LOVED the bedroom at the old house. I never got to see it done.
    The living room in the new house is going to be sage? Is it a big room? Is it bigger than the living room in the old house? I can't wait to see it! I am sooooooo excited for you both...well, all four of you?
    Love ya
    Cherie and Jeff