Thursday, April 2, 2009

Put a ring on it!

My friend Sergio was visiting from Chile! He brought with him my wedding ring that I left in my house in Chile when I was visiting my family last April. You can see pictures of my visit here and here.
The night before I had to come back to the US, my girlfriends and I got together and made home made pizza.
I remember that I took my wedding ring off and I put it on the counter. When we were done making the pizzas I went to look for it and I couldn't find it!! We looked everywhere, I emptied my suitcases thinking that maybe I put it away and didn't remember, we swept the floor and we couldn't find it. I was panicking!! I was thinking that Randy was going to be so mad that I lost my wedding ring. The next day my flight was at 8:00pm so I spent pretty much the whole day looking for the ring with the help of my sisters and mom, we couldn't figure out where the ring was. I came home as a single lady, with no ring on my left hand. When I told Randy he got so sad and I felt worse. My sisters and my mom kept looking for the ring but it never appeared. A week and a half later I was chatting with my sister Laura and I received a revelation!! My ring was in the sofa, where the back of the sofa and the pillows meet. My sister went to look for it and all grossed out had to shove her hands in for a good search. Aleluya!!! She found it! She also found cookie crumbs, two crayons and some unknown stuff but no money.

What must have happened is that I put the ring in my pocket and when I sat down it slipped out and found refuge in the darkness of the sofa.

Sergio also brought me some Chilean goodies!!! Yummy!!