Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Se Habla Español.

At the beginning, my relationship with You, English Language, started pretty good. When I was 4-5 years old my mom taught my sisters and me the "Ten Little Indians" song .
My dad learned to speak You while he was serving a mission for our church. He used to play the guitar and sing a lot of songs from the Beatles. He had a song for each one of us, mine was Sad Lisa from Cat Stevens. When I was in second grade I even showed off my skills singing in front of the class the "Ten little Indians" song.

And that's about it. After that we started going our separate ways. I must have offended You in some way, misspelled a word or something. I remember singing "I will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston and my cousin looked at me with this -what-in-the-world-face and said to me, that's not how the lyrics go!!! At that moment I knew that You, English, and Me will never get along again.

Sixth, seven and eight grade was torture. I didn't get good grades in Your class , I disliked You so much. In high school I didn't have to take You, it was a relief.

But then Bon Jovi and his "Always" song came around. Everybody, I mean everybody was singing it, and I wanted to!!(Did I mentioned I had my first slow dance to this song) I put my pride aside and I tried to reconciled with You. English, You totally ignored me!! I was the only one that couldn't understand what the song was about!! It made me so mad. I even asked my friend Eve for advice. How do you memorized songs?? I don't know, I just do. She told me. Every time the song came on the radio I turned up the volume to catch the words and all I could hear was Charlie Brown's teacher singing: ♫♪wawa wah wa wah♪♫!! I so hated You!!

It was the summer of 96 when my dad's brother and his family came to go camping and stay with us for the summer. My younger cousin LuAnn always loved learning You. She translated songs, practiced and put a lot of effort into it. I'm sure You felt so special. This is what me and my cousin used to do.
She would teach me the lyrics of a song, and a short dialog and we would go down town with our camera and pretend we were tourists, every time someone passed by us we started talking in English!!! I was 14 and she 13, we were definitely not tourist!! We even went to people and asked them directions!! Well she did, my job was to approach the person and say, -Excuse me! (that I could say) and she did the rest. What were we thinking!?!

In my junior year in High School, my parents sent my older sister Viviana and me to a language School to learn You, English. I had a lot of fun with my sister. And I finally understood what You were about. We slowly started becoming friends again. I did good in the classes. I didn't end up talking English, but I could read You and write my homework.

In college I had to take 4 semesters of English to graduate, OM Gosh!! At least this time You were willing to give me a chance, You promised to be nice. Somewhere in between I met Randy and I realize that I HAD to learn You.

I took my finals, my last test, I gave my last presentation, my last marketing report, I introduced my last Advertising Campaign in May. Two months later I was getting married and moving to the U.S. to start a new life.

Oh foolish me, and I thought we were friends. You betrayed me, You made me think it was English that I was learning. This is not English. What happened to the - "Good Morning, How are you"- that we practiced so many times? What do they mean with Wat Up? How do I answer to that? Why do they speak so fast? People, please breath between sentences!!!!

I was so mad at You, You slapped me in the face and I couldn't do anything about it. I had to somehow win You over. Oh yes, English Classes, I was going to study You once again. Showing interest in You, making You believe You were my devotion. Why did I try to trick You? Astute You.

Lady, What do you mean there is not an advance class? I have to be with the beginners, are you serious? But I know how to count to ten, I know the body parts, I know how to say, -"This is the window and open the door"!!!
Don't worry, I'll try another place.

And to the other place I went, I took the test hoping we would finally have a mutual understanding, but You knew I needed You more than You needed me. And You played your cards.

Lady, what do you mean you can't take me?? Are you sure I had a 100% score on the test? But I need the classes, I DON'T SPEAK ENGLISH!!! I do not know too much, you don't understand I can read it but I can't speak it!!

You won that time. I left You alone and wouldn't try to mess with You again.
But I'm smart too, You know. I had a plan, I made You think You defeated me. I stayed in my corner and I moved slowly, so slow You didn't even notice me.
And here we are, my old enemy. Three years later. You are not so strong like I used to think You were. It seems like You got tired of fighting me, Why are You now showing me your soft side, Do You like me now? Either way, Thank YOU!!! We both know we are getting older, what reason do we have to continue these arguments. Deep, deep inside You, You know you need me and I will not deny it, I need You! Lets put aside our differences, I know You want someone to speak You.