Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wish List

Para español marque #2 o lea mas abajo, bien abajo!
We only have one computer, which is a desktop that Randy and I share. We have separate folders to save bookmarks and sites of interest. Randy’s folder is name “Randy’s Stuff” and has 19 sites that he has saved. Most of them, if not all of them are track and field sites, places to buy running shoes on-line, etc. My folder, “Liza’s Wish List” has 130 sites that I have been bookmarking over the past year. I saved anything and everything that I found creative, inspiring, cute, fashionable, or that I just like. My sites vary from photography, decor, clothes, humanitarian efforts, jewelry, crafts, gardening ideas, and some random stuff. Last night I hear Randy from the other room yelling: Holy Moly, your wish list is so long!!
What can I say, I love the internet!! I love checking amazing photographers and getting ideas of how to take pictures and dream of having “that kind” of pictures taken. I enjoy reading about contemporary decor, finding unique stuff that I wish had the money to buy or dreaming of having them in the future, like a Bumbleride Stroller. Do I need a stroller? No! But if I had a kid that’s the stroller that I would buy. I have bookmarked a painting of Gustav Klimt that I want in my bedroom, not in my bedroom right now, but in some bedroom in the future that will have the proper space to display my favorite painting. I love to look at kitchen makeovers. I saved this beautiful kitchen with black cabinets that I will use as guide to remodel a kitchen in the future in a house that I’m not living in. But most of my bookmarks are from cute online stores that sell handmade stuff, books, purses and dresses. Surprisingly Randy has never looked in my folder to buy presents for my birthday, Christmas, anniversary or valentine’s. I thought “Liza’s wish list” was a pretty self explanatory name!!
Black room KitchenBelly7080508_birdGate_Latches_Dtl19751 imageUntitled-1imageimage image
imageimage imageimageimage image imageimage image image

Randy y Yo compartimos el computador de la casa, es un computador de escritorio. Tenemos carpetas separadas para guardar nuestras paginas favoritas, o sitios q nos gustan. La carpeta de Randy tiene nombre “Cosas de Randy” y tiene solo 19 paginas que ha guardado, la moyoria de ellas por no decir todas son paginas de atletismo, deporte y lugares donde comprar zapatillas en el internet. Mi carpeta se llama “Cosas que me gustaria tener” y tienen 130 paginas que he ido guardando desde el año pasado. Guardo casi todas las paginas que encuentro creativas, inspiradoras, lindas, a la moda o que simplemente me gusten. Mis sitios varian desde fotografia, decoracion, ropa, fundaciones humanitarias, joyas, manualidades, ideas para jardinear y un par de sitios locos. La otra noche escuche a Randy gritar desde la otra piesa: Tu lista esta super larga!!
Que puedo decir, me encanta el internet! Me encanta revisar sitios de fotografos profesionales y mirar sus fotos increibles. Sacar ideas de sus fotos y soñar en como me gustaria q me sacaran “ese tipo de foto”. Disfruto leyendo de decoracion contemporania, encontrar cosas unicas y desear tener el dinero para comprarlas o soñarlas para el futuro. Como un coche Bumbleride. Necesito un coche? NO! pero si tuviera un hijo ese el coche que me gustaria tener. Tengo guardado un sitio donde venden una pintura de Gustav Klimt que quiero para mi dormitorio. No para mi dormitorio que tengo ahora, si no para un dormitorio en el futuro que tendra el espacio perfecto para que yo pueda colgar y disfrutar de mi pintura favorita. Me encanta mirar cocinas, remodelacion de cocinas, todo lo que tenga q ver con cocinas. Tengo guardada esta cocina maravillosa que tiene muebles negros que usare como inspiracion para remodelar una cocina en el futuro en una casa en la cual no estoy viviendo y no he planeado comprar. La mayoria de las paginas que he guardado son de tiendas que venden cosas hechas a mano, libros, carteras y vestidos. Para mi sorpresa, me he dado cuenta que Randy nunca ha mirado en mi carpeta para tener una idea de que comprarme en mi cumpleaños, aniversario, navidad, o dia de los enamorados. Pense que el nombre “Cosas que me gustaria tener” lo explicaba todo!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Decor: {Glass Jar Monsters}

Termine mis monstruos, me encanto como quedaron. Hice a un:
Fantasma – Murcielagos – Frankenstein – Dracula – Momia.
Here are my monsters:
Ghost – Bats – Frankenstein – Dracula – Mummy.Atoño 2009 035
Atoño 2009 033
Glass Jar Jack O'Lanterns
I have tons of empty glass jars sitting in my garage. Which drives Randy crazy. Since our recycling doesn’t take glass I still keep them to take them someplace that would take them.. (if you know of a place please let me know) Fortunately for me I found a cute idea on how to use them to decorate for Halloween. See Honey, I told you some day they would be useful!
If you click this link: Not so idle hands, Emily will give you step by step instructions. I love how mine turned out.

Tengo un monton de jarros de vidrio en mi garage. Randy siempre me molesta para que los botemos. Como nuestro centro de reciclage no acepta vidrio, igual los junto por si encuentro un lugar donde llevarlos. Por suerte, encontre un projecto para usarlos y decorar para Halloween. Viste, Gorilon. Te dije que algun dia hiban a ser util!
Si hacen click en este link: Jarros de Vidrio y Halloween, pueden ver fotos de las intrucciones paso a paso. Me encanto como me quedaron los mios.
Atoño 2009 020
Atoño 2009 021

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Martha Stewart Side Of Me: {Fall Decorations}

Last weekend we spent the day over at The Camburns. Erin had her house ready for autumn, her decorations were really pretty. I got home full of ideas and inspiration.

My first project was a harvest wreath. I used miniature indian corn, pumpkins, gourds and squash. I really like how it turned out.

The pumpkins and squash that I had left over I put them in a vase and glasses.

The next project were some paper mache pumpkins. I painted them with metallic paint and sprinkled glitter over them. I sprayed on a sealer to keep the glitter from coming off.

To balance out all the pumpkins I wanted to have some decorations with leaves. I bought a tray. I painted and decoupaged leaves on it. I got a leaf place-mat and leaf salt and pepper shakers at walmart to complete the leaf collection.

Happy Autumn, Everyone!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My mom sent me the link to this amazing video. It's the Thousand-Hand dance. The group that perform this dance belong to the China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe. All 21 of the dancers are completely deaf, relying only on signals from trainers at the four corners of the stage. The dance represents Guan Yin' the goddess of compassion. Guan Yin is a compassionate being who watches over and responds to, the people in the world who cry out for help.

"As long as you are kind and there is love in your heart

A thousand hands will naturally come to your aid.

As long as you are kind and there is love in your heart

You will reach out with a thousand hands to help others."

These dancers are amazing, I was so touched by the beauty of their performance that tears started pouring out my eyes. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. __________________________________________________

Mi mama me mando el link para ver este increible video. Es la danza de las Mil Manos. El grupo que lo baila pertenece al "Grupo de Artistas Discapacitados de China". Los 21 bailarines que participan en este baile son sordos. Hay cuatros profesores de danza en las esquinas del escenario que los guian utilziando lenguaje sordo-mudo. El baile representa Guan Yin' la diosa de la compasion. Guan Yin' es un ser lleno de compasion, que observa y va en ayuda de la gente en mundo que llora por ayuda.

"Siempre que seas amable y haya amor en tu corazon
mil de manos vendra en tu auxilio.
Siempre que seas amable y haya amor en tu corazon
mil manos usaras para ayudar a otros.

Estos bailarines son increibles. La belleza de su danza me toco el corazon y lagrimas me salieron de los ojos. Espero que disfruten de este video.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Animal Patrol to the Rescue!

Para la version en Español lea mas abajo!!

When driving I usually become "animal patrol to the rescue". I'm always paying attention to see if something is jumping in front of us. I would feel terrible if a daddy raccoon never makes it home! I'm sure if I ever hit a deer I would jump out of the car and start CPR on it. Seriously!
My mom is the same way, one time when she was visiting us we were driving back from my english classes where I didn't learn much because I knew the colors, numbers and body parts before coming here[click]. In the middle of the road there was a turtle, we looked at each other and yelled at the same time -"we have to save it!" I immediately hit the brakes and made a U turn that is usually seen in the "Fast and Furious" movies. I was so proud of my stunt car skills! My mom jumped out of the car and ran to get the turtle (c'mon mom it's not like it was going to out run you) and moved it to the grass. We were laughing so hard making fun of how we acted like we were saving a baby from a burning house!! We were really hoping my mom moved the turtle to the side of the road that the turtle was going. If not, some turtle is really mad at us!!

June 10th we left for Alabama to attend Sharlyn and Lee'
s wedding (post will follow).
The night before we left, we were coming back home from Fort Wayne driving on a 55mph busy road.
On the side of the road there was a tiny kitty trying to hide in the grass. My eagle eyes spotted it and we decided to stop and bring it home. It was a female, of course, she was so cute and pretty, pink nose and everything! We fed her, she was starving, and took it to the humane society.I'm really mad at the people that decided to throw the kitty to the side of the road. We have a humane society in Butler, just take it there like we did. I can't believe people would think that is a better idea to leave the animal to die of hunger.

Funny Story. We have a female cat named Cleo, when we came back from Alabama she had a huge tummy. Did I mention that Cleo is not fixed and she was in heat two weeks before we left? So my first reaction was, oh my gosh, she is pregnant!! What are we going to do?!! What are we going to do with the kittens? I don't want to deal with this, she is so tiny she is going to die during labor! She is an inside cat, how did she get pregnant? Maybe she sneaked out and we didn't realize it. I was freaking out!!
The next day Randy called the vet to see if there was a way to "put an end to the pregnancy." I couldn't believe we were discussing the "A" word at our home. The vet asked us how we thought she got pregnant being an inside cat.

Were your windows closed? Yes

Do you have screens in the windows? Yes

Has she been outside? Nope

There is a male cat in the house? No

So, how again you think she got pregnant? I don't know, maybe she is the Immaculate Conception Cleo of the cats!! It turned out that she wasn't pregna
nt (yes, my IQ dropped 20 points in the vet office). She had anxiety from us not being home and ate her days away!!

The tiny cutie we found on the side of the road. She is at the Butler Humane Society if you wish to adopt her!!

El 10 de Junio nos fuimos a Alabama a la boda de Sharlyn (mi cuñada) y de Lee. (Escribire de nuestro viaje mas tarde). La noche anterior veniamos de vuelta a nuestra casa manejando por una carretera super transitada a 80 Kilometros por hora. Cuando de repente mis ojos de aguila ven a un gatito chiquitito tratando de esconderse en el pasto al lado de la carretera. Con Randy decidimos devolvernos y recogerlo. Era una gatita de los mas linda!! Rubia y de ojos azules la rompecorazones, con su naricita rosadita. Estaba limpia y para nada destrunida, lo que me hizo pensar que la habian botado ese mismo dia. La llevamos a nuestra casa y le dimos agua y comida, estaba super hambrienta. Despues la llevamos a la Protectora de Animales.
Me dan tanta rabia ese tipo de personas. Tenemos una Protectora de Animales super buena donde vivimos, porque no la llevaron ahi como nosotros lo hicimos. En que cerebro es mejor idea tirarla en la carretera para que se muera de sed, hambre o que la atropellen.

Una de las cosas que me encantan de vivir aqui, es la variedad de fauna silvestre. Hay tantos animalitos silvestres que uno ve diariamente (venados, tortugas, mapaches, conejos, ardillas, zorrillos, patos, gansos y muchos mas que nunca he visto en Chile capaz por la diferencia climatica o porque la zona central de Chile es tan seca y arida, la verdad que en Chile nunca he visto animales silvestre, solo perros callejeros)
Cuando vamos manejando me transformo en "Patrulla Animal al Rescate", estoy siempre poniendo atencion. Uno nunca sabe cuando un animalito suicida va a atravesarse delante del auto. Y me sentiria devastada si atropello a un papi mapache y nunca vuelve a su casa.
Estoy segura si alguna vez atropello a un venado (toquen madera!!) iria a su rescate y empezaria primeros auxilios y respiracion boca a boca. - "No me abandones venado, sigue conmigo. No sigas la luz, no entres al tunel. NO!!!!

Una vez, cuando mi mami estaba visitandonos y me acompañaba a mis clases de ingles veniamos de vuelta y una tortuga estaba en la mitad del camino. Nos miramos al mismo tiempo y dijimos: -"tenemos que salvarla"! Inmediatamente frene e hize una vuelta en U, digna de ser vista en la pelicula "Rapido y Furioso" Mi mama corrio a sacar la tortuga del camino (mami, estoy segura que si hubieras caminando igual hibas a llegar a la tortuga, no es que se hiba a poner a correr y ganarte!!) Despues estabamos muertas de la risa, por todo el show que hicimos, reaccionamos como si estubieramos salvando a un bebe de una casa en llamas!! Ojala que mi mami haya movida la tortuga la lado del camino que la tortuga queria ir. O si no el favor flaco que le hicimos!
Va a estar toda enojada caminando de vuelta.

Hablando de gatitas bonitas, cuando volvimos la Cleo estaba super pansona. Mi primera reaccion fue pensar que estaba embarazada. Porque dos semanas antes de irnos habia estado en celo.
No estaba muy feliz con la idea y se me salio el Aravena que llevo adentro. Que vamos a hacer con gatitos? Como paso si es gata de "adentro"? La Cleo es tan chiquitita que se va a morir en el parto!! Ha esta altura el Aravena ya habia salido y el Garay venia en camino, Ah!! salvece quien pueda!!! Capaz la Cleo se escapo y no me di cuenta o un gato se metio a la casa. Grrrr!!!

Randy llamo al veterinario para ver si habia una forma de "terminar con el embarazo". Nunca pense que estariamos consideranco la palabra que empieza con "A" y termina con "borto" en mi casa!! Cuando llegamos con la Cleo el veterinario nos pregunto como pensamos que quedo embarazada.

Estaban las ventanas cerradas? Si
Tienen malla las ventanas? Si
Ha salido a la calle la gata? No
Hay un gato macho en la casa? No

Entonces como piensa que su gata quedo embarazada?
No se!! Capaz ella es la Imaculada Concepcion Virgen Cleo de los gatos!!

Despues de toquetearla el veterinario nos dijo que no estaba embarazada.
Lo que paso es que le dio depre y ansiedad estando solita y comio como chanchita.

Mi coeficiente intelectual bajo como 20 puntos, despues de haber llevado a la gata por su embarazo imaginario!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Martha Stewart Side Of Me: {Plastic Containers Transformed}

A month ago I went to an activity hosted by our church where they taught us about gardening. They gave me these plastic containers with some tomato and pepper plants in them to take home. I moved the plants to our garden and ended up with two empty pots. I loved the shape of the pots and wanted to use them but I thought the color of the plastic would fade in the sun and look cheap.

Hace un mes atras fui a una actividad en la iglesia donde nos enseñaron como plantar huertas. Nos dieron unos maceteros de plastico con unas plantas de tomate y pimenton para que nos llevaramos a la casa. Trasplante las plantitas a nuestra huerta y me quede con estos dos maceteros. Me encanto la forma que tenian y queria usarlos pero como eran de plastico pense que se verian feitos y que el color del plastico se hiba a desteñir en el sol.

I bought a multicolor textured spray paint and spray painted the two of them! I love the result! They have a stone look and don't look at all like plastic.

Asi que compre una lata de pintura en spray que era con textura y multicolor y los pinte. Me encanto como quedaron. Ahora parecen que fueran maceteros de piedra, no se nota para nada que son de plastico.

I set them on our little porch on each side of the door. This might seem a little crazy , I decorated the porch with flowers with the mailman (mail woman in our case) in mind. I think being a mailman must be very boring and the routine of going to the the same houses each day must drive them crazy. I thought our mailwoman would appreciate some pretty flowers on her way!!!

Los puse a cada lado de la puerta. Cuando estaba plantado flores y poniendo maceteros en nuestra entrada tenia el cartero en mente (bueno cartera porq la que nos toca es mujer). Estaba pensando que los carteros deben aburrirse un monton en su trabajo, llendo todos los dias a las mismas casas y la cotidianidad debe volverlos locos. Asi que pense que encontrarse con flores lindas en el camino podria animar a nuestra cartera y dejar de traernos cuentas!! jajaja!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Things I ♥: {Flowers!}

Me encanta hacer arreglos florales, con flores de mi Jardin.

I love making flower arrangements from flowers out of my garden.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Put a ring on it!

My friend Sergio was visiting from Chile! He brought with him my wedding ring that I left in my house in Chile when I was visiting my family last April. You can see pictures of my visit here and here.
The night before I had to come back to the US, my girlfriends and I got together and made home made pizza.
I remember that I took my wedding ring off and I put it on the counter. When we were done making the pizzas I went to look for it and I couldn't find it!! We looked everywhere, I emptied my suitcases thinking that maybe I put it away and didn't remember, we swept the floor and we couldn't find it. I was panicking!! I was thinking that Randy was going to be so mad that I lost my wedding ring. The next day my flight was at 8:00pm so I spent pretty much the whole day looking for the ring with the help of my sisters and mom, we couldn't figure out where the ring was. I came home as a single lady, with no ring on my left hand. When I told Randy he got so sad and I felt worse. My sisters and my mom kept looking for the ring but it never appeared. A week and a half later I was chatting with my sister Laura and I received a revelation!! My ring was in the sofa, where the back of the sofa and the pillows meet. My sister went to look for it and all grossed out had to shove her hands in for a good search. Aleluya!!! She found it! She also found cookie crumbs, two crayons and some unknown stuff but no money.

What must have happened is that I put the ring in my pocket and when I sat down it slipped out and found refuge in the darkness of the sofa.

Sergio also brought me some Chilean goodies!!! Yummy!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Little bit about myself.

Cherie tagged me a while ago, but now I have time to do this, so here it goes.

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:

* I was celebrating my sweet sixteen.
*Dying my hair with blue highlights.
*Listening to Oasis, a lot.
*Returning to live in my hometown and reconnecting with childhood friends.
*Going to a new school and getting to know a group of girls not knowing that they would become
such important people in my life.

5 Things on my to do list for today:

I was babysitting for the past week and a half, from 7.30 to 7.00 so I haven't done any house cleaning for a week, my to do list today includes everything.

*Clean Bathrooms
* Do laundry
*Vacuum and do floors
*Do our budget. It is so boring to be a housewife!!

5 Snacks I love:

I'm not a snack kind of person.
*Potatoes Chips
*Wheat thins
*french fries

5 things I would do if I was a billionaire...

*Pay off our and family's debts. Maybe some friend's debts. Pay my sisters mortgages.
*Send our parents on a lifetime vacation. (at least two months of enjoyment)
*Travel the world, take Randy to Iguazu Falls in Brazil, go to Machu Pichu, Europe, India and Africa, maybe Asia I'm a little scared of going there, must be because I'm ignorant about Asia.
*Build our dream house in the U.S and Chile. Build a summer house in southern Chile.
*Start a business that allows us to be money independent. Tell Randy to stop working and create a scholarship in his name. Dedicate our life to do humanitarian work and support the charities that really touch me (Operation Smile, Nothing but Nets, Help-International, St. Jude and Teleton)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Se Habla Español.

At the beginning, my relationship with You, English Language, started pretty good. When I was 4-5 years old my mom taught my sisters and me the "Ten Little Indians" song .
My dad learned to speak You while he was serving a mission for our church. He used to play the guitar and sing a lot of songs from the Beatles. He had a song for each one of us, mine was Sad Lisa from Cat Stevens. When I was in second grade I even showed off my skills singing in front of the class the "Ten little Indians" song.

And that's about it. After that we started going our separate ways. I must have offended You in some way, misspelled a word or something. I remember singing "I will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston and my cousin looked at me with this -what-in-the-world-face and said to me, that's not how the lyrics go!!! At that moment I knew that You, English, and Me will never get along again.

Sixth, seven and eight grade was torture. I didn't get good grades in Your class , I disliked You so much. In high school I didn't have to take You, it was a relief.

But then Bon Jovi and his "Always" song came around. Everybody, I mean everybody was singing it, and I wanted to!!(Did I mentioned I had my first slow dance to this song) I put my pride aside and I tried to reconciled with You. English, You totally ignored me!! I was the only one that couldn't understand what the song was about!! It made me so mad. I even asked my friend Eve for advice. How do you memorized songs?? I don't know, I just do. She told me. Every time the song came on the radio I turned up the volume to catch the words and all I could hear was Charlie Brown's teacher singing: ♫♪wawa wah wa wah♪♫!! I so hated You!!

It was the summer of 96 when my dad's brother and his family came to go camping and stay with us for the summer. My younger cousin LuAnn always loved learning You. She translated songs, practiced and put a lot of effort into it. I'm sure You felt so special. This is what me and my cousin used to do.
She would teach me the lyrics of a song, and a short dialog and we would go down town with our camera and pretend we were tourists, every time someone passed by us we started talking in English!!! I was 14 and she 13, we were definitely not tourist!! We even went to people and asked them directions!! Well she did, my job was to approach the person and say, -Excuse me! (that I could say) and she did the rest. What were we thinking!?!

In my junior year in High School, my parents sent my older sister Viviana and me to a language School to learn You, English. I had a lot of fun with my sister. And I finally understood what You were about. We slowly started becoming friends again. I did good in the classes. I didn't end up talking English, but I could read You and write my homework.

In college I had to take 4 semesters of English to graduate, OM Gosh!! At least this time You were willing to give me a chance, You promised to be nice. Somewhere in between I met Randy and I realize that I HAD to learn You.

I took my finals, my last test, I gave my last presentation, my last marketing report, I introduced my last Advertising Campaign in May. Two months later I was getting married and moving to the U.S. to start a new life.

Oh foolish me, and I thought we were friends. You betrayed me, You made me think it was English that I was learning. This is not English. What happened to the - "Good Morning, How are you"- that we practiced so many times? What do they mean with Wat Up? How do I answer to that? Why do they speak so fast? People, please breath between sentences!!!!

I was so mad at You, You slapped me in the face and I couldn't do anything about it. I had to somehow win You over. Oh yes, English Classes, I was going to study You once again. Showing interest in You, making You believe You were my devotion. Why did I try to trick You? Astute You.

Lady, What do you mean there is not an advance class? I have to be with the beginners, are you serious? But I know how to count to ten, I know the body parts, I know how to say, -"This is the window and open the door"!!!
Don't worry, I'll try another place.

And to the other place I went, I took the test hoping we would finally have a mutual understanding, but You knew I needed You more than You needed me. And You played your cards.

Lady, what do you mean you can't take me?? Are you sure I had a 100% score on the test? But I need the classes, I DON'T SPEAK ENGLISH!!! I do not know too much, you don't understand I can read it but I can't speak it!!

You won that time. I left You alone and wouldn't try to mess with You again.
But I'm smart too, You know. I had a plan, I made You think You defeated me. I stayed in my corner and I moved slowly, so slow You didn't even notice me.
And here we are, my old enemy. Three years later. You are not so strong like I used to think You were. It seems like You got tired of fighting me, Why are You now showing me your soft side, Do You like me now? Either way, Thank YOU!!! We both know we are getting older, what reason do we have to continue these arguments. Deep, deep inside You, You know you need me and I will not deny it, I need You! Lets put aside our differences, I know You want someone to speak You.